Step by step tutorial for bare metal K8s on a single machine
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Bare metal Kubernetes with MAAS, LXD, and Juju


This is a series of commands and configuration files that will guide you to build your own emulated bare metal k8s cluster on a single machine, using

It is designed to be used in conjunction with an explanatory video tutorial:

How to use

Read The script is not fully automated and requires manual intervention at times. Read the comments to understand the process.


You need a reasonably powerful bare metal machine, 4 or more cores with 32 GB of RAM and 500GB of free disk space. Assumes a fresh install of Ubuntu server (20.04 or higher) on the machine.

You will need to install the command line configuration tool for Kubernetes kubectl

The reason you need a bare metal machine is because nesting multiple layers of VMs will not work and/or have performance problems.

Note: this tutorial has not been tested on versions prior to 20.04.