Fork of to run a realhostip service
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Fork of

This is a fork of with some neat changes.


Dead simple wildcard DNS for any IP Address allows you to map any IP Address in the following DNS wildcard entries:

It works with Dashes -, perfect for wildcard TLS certs: maps to maps to maps to

As well as Dot .: maps to maps to maps to

See for an example config-

Hint: See the static CNAME in the example, use it with for free Let's Encrypt TLS certs.


As Docker Container

Run the Container from DcokerHub:

docker run -d -p -p -v /data/backend.conf:/usr/local/bin/backend.conf --name resmo/nip-io

Or Build the Image:

docker build -t .

See the Logs:

docker logs -f

Test it

dig +short @localhost

dig +short @localhost