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Docker Getting Started Tutorial

This tutorial has been written with the intent of helping folks get up and running with containers and is designed to work with Docker Desktop. While not going too much into depth, it covers the following topics:

  • Running your first container
  • Building containers
  • Learning what containers are running and removing them
  • Using volumes to persist data
  • Using bind mounts to support development
  • Using container networking to support multi-container applications
  • Using Docker Compose to simplify the definition and sharing of applications
  • Using image layer caching to speed up builds and reduce push/pull size
  • Using multi-stage builds to separate build-time and runtime dependencies

Getting Started

If you wish to run the tutorial, you can use the following command after installing Docker Desktop:

docker run -d -p 80:80 docker/getting-started

Once it has started, you can open your browser to http://localhost.


This project has a docker-compose.yml file, which will start the mkdocs application on your local machine and help you see changes instantly.

docker-compose up


If you find typos or other issues with the tutorial, feel free to create a PR and suggest fixes!

If you have ideas on how to make the tutorial better or new content, please open an issue first before working on your idea. While we love input, we want to keep the tutorial scoped to newcomers. As such, we may reject ideas for more advanced requests and don't want you to lose any work you might have done. So, ask first and we'll gladly hear your thoughts!